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Topical Sermons

31 December 2023
Finishing the Race Well
Hebrews 12:1-17
by Joel Sim

The author of the letter to the Hebrews exhorts and encourages the church to persevere in the spiritual race set before us. In order to run this race well, we need to fix our gaze on Christ, build fortitude through our life experiences, and encourage one another to be faithful in the church. This enables us to face new challenges ahead, even if they remain uncertain to us.

Finishing the Race Well - Joel Sim
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17 December 2023
The God Who Keeps
Psalm 121
by Aaron Akins

Psalm 121 is a song of trust, similar to Psalms 23, 46, and 91, distinguished by their theme of confidence in God. As one commentator puts it, ‘This psalm affirms that those who are in relationship with the Lord are safe in his care. Their mountains may be great, but their Maker is greater. Their problems may be overwhelming, but his protection is ever available. Their hurts are inevitable, but his help is inexhaustible.’

The God Who Keeps - Aaron Akins
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1 October 2023
Spiritual Friendship
John 15:9-17
by Tan Soo-Inn

Spiritual friends are friends who are friends with each other because of their common friendship with Christ. They are committed to helping each other follow Christ. Indeed, we cannot normally follow Christ without the company of friends.

Spiritual Friendship - Tan Soo-Inn
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19 February 2023
The Heavenly Kingdom's Humble Children
Matthew 18:1-3
by Tim Mountfort

To be a follower of Jesus is to change for the better. And one of the ways we are called to change, is to become more childlike. To be childlike is to be dependent on God, and to trust him.

The Heavenly Kingdom's Humble Children - Tim Mountfort
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8 January 2023
Membership - Belonging to One Another
Romans 12:4-8, Hebrews 13:7-17
by Tan Huai Tze

In church membership, we are bringing together personal conversion and the communal embrace of the church. This gives us a full and rich experience of the grace of the Gospel. Through membership in the local church, we are able to obey God together. We have assurance of truly being his, and we grow together in maturity as individuals and as a community. Membership is for those who recognise that they are weak, and need other weak people to find the strength that God gives.

Membership - Belonging to One Another - Tan Huai Tze
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1 January 2023
Community: The Place God Changes Us
John 15:12-17, Philippians 2:1-11
by Tan Huai Tze

As a Christian community, we are the people of God, the body of Christ and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit. In community we witness to the reality of God and the gospel, mature in our faith, and experience God in a way we cannot on our own. To experience community, we need to belong to the community practically by being an active member of a Community Group, and believing deeply in the gospel that binds our hearts together.

Community: The Place God Changes Us - Tan Huai Tze
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4 September 2022
Psalm 62
by Tan Huai Tze

Prayer is God’s way of taking the facts we know about him, and making it a fire that burns in our hearts. It is pouring out our hearts to God, according to his will, in the name of Christ, by the help of the Spirit with confession and thanksgiving.

Prayer - Tan Huai Tze
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28 August 2022
Mark 1:9-20, 8:27-31
by Tan Huai Tze

Jesus is an utterly unique figure in history. He is God’s promised King, who is both fully human and fully God. He lived, died, rose again and ascended to heaven, and is coming again to judge. In him, we have forgiveness of our sins, reconciliation with God, covering of our shame, and the defeat of evil. Jesus wants us to hear him, turn away from sin, turn to him in faith, and follow Him.

Jesus - Tan Huai Tze
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13 February 2022
Authentic Unity in Christ
Philippians 2:1-4
by Joel Sim

The apostle Paul exhorted the Philippian Christians to be united in Christ, which is likewise applicable for today's church. The basis of our unity lies in our union with Christ and with one another in the Spirit. This leads to the unity of mind and love towards the same Christ. In light of these, believers are called to serve others in humility, which is rooted in the self-giving of Christ Himself.

Authentic Unity in Christ - Joel Sim
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12 December 2021
The Gospel-Centered Church
Luke 15:1-2,11-32
by Tan Huai Tze

This passage shows us that there are two ways to be lost, one by being very, very bad (unrighteous, irreligious) and the other by thinking that you are very, very good (self-righteous, religious). Both types of people need the grace of God given to us in Jesus Christ to come home to God. This understanding is crucial in shaping the church's witness to the world.

The Gospel Centred Church - Tan Huai Tze
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12 December 2021
Watch Over Your Soul 
Hebrews 13:7,17
by Tan Huai Tze

God cares for his people by giving them Elders who speak God's Word to them, live as examples for them to follow, and watch over their souls. To receive all the benefits that God has for us through the ministry of his Elders, God calls his people to obey and submit to the Elders in so far as they faithful to his Word. He also calls them to remember his hand in giving these Elders to the church, to consider their lives, and to imitate their faith.

Watch Over Your Soul - Tan Huai Tze
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