God speaks when his Word is proclaimed. When we sit under the preaching of God’s Word, we are not merely learning new information; we are encountering the living God. We usually work through books of the Bible systematically. Every week, we expound and apply a passage of the Bible to show Christ. 

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Freedom as Slaves to Righteousness
Romans 6:15-7:6

In this passage, the apostle Paul answers the objection that being under grace means obtaining a free license to sin. When we are united to Christ, we are not only slaves to righteousness, but we are also freed from the law in our marriage to Christ. True freedom is not the absence of constraints. Rather, true freedom lies in having the power to do what pleases God, which is only possible when the Spirit changes our hearts and makes us willing to live for Him.

Freedom as Slaves to Righteousness - Joel Sim
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Romans 1-8 Gods Good News 2022.jpeg
God's Good News (Romans 1-8)

Romans is a book that has literally changed the world, by changing people. It was instrumental in changing the lives of key figures in history such as Augustine, Luther, and Wesley. Calvin said, “If we have gained a true understanding of” Romans, “we have an open door to all the most profound treasures of Scripture.” But the main reason why Romans has been so transformative is because it is all about God’s good news, the gospel. And that same powerful news is still available to change us today.