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God speaks when his Word is proclaimed. When we sit under the preaching of God’s Word, we are not merely learning new information; we are encountering the living God. We usually work through books of the Bible systematically. Every week, we expound and apply a passage of the Bible to show Christ. 

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Prepare the Way of the Lord
Luke 3:1-22

John the Baptist came into the scene in this passage as the last of the Old Testament prophets. His message of repentance challenged the presumption of the religious people in his day. Ultimately, this prepared the way of Jesus Christ, the Messiah who identified with His people in His baptism.

Prepare the Way of the Lord - Joseph Tern
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Luke Like No Other Saviour.jpeg
Like No Other Saviour

Luke’s Gospel is a well-researched and orderly account of what God has done in Jesus to bring salvation to the world. His goal is to give his readers “certainty” (Luke 1:4) of the truths of the Christian faith. He presents Jesus as unique. In this first section of the Gospel (Luke 1-4), Luke shows us the uniqueness of Jesus through the unique preparation for his birth, and the unique preparation of Jesus himself for his work. Join us as we begin a new journey, looking with Luke at a Saviour who is like no other in history!

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