God speaks when his Word is proclaimed. When we sit under the preaching of God’s Word, we are not merely learning new information; we are encountering the living God. We usually work through books of the Bible systematically. Every week, we expound and apply a passage of the Bible to show Christ. 

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The Gospel to the (Noble) Eunuch
Acts 8:26-40

As the gospel lands on the Ethiopian eunuch, he discovers that the one seeking is being sought by God, and that the path to true inclusion among God's people is through the exclusion of Jesus Christ when he died on the Cross for our sins.

The Gospel to the (Noble) Eunuch - Tan Huai Tze
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Stories of Change: From the Book of Acts

We will take a look at the stories of how the gospel changes all kinds of people in the Book of Acts. As we see the gospel at work in the pages of Scripture, we come expecting that the same gospel would also be at work to change us and the people around us for good.