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God speaks when his Word is proclaimed. When we sit under the preaching of God’s Word, we are not merely learning new information; we are encountering the living God. We usually work through books of the Bible systematically. Every week, we expound and apply a passage of the Bible to show Christ. 

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God's Promises Kept 
Romans 11:25-32

This passage presents the climax of the apostle Paul's argument which he has been building for 3 chapters. The doors of salvation are still open to Israel, and it shows in God's pursuit of them. This reality is rooted in God's Word, which shows forth His character as a faithful God. In light of His undeserved mercy to both Jews and Gentiles, we are called to respond with gratitude to this very God.

God's Promises Kept - Joel Sim
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Romans 9-11: God's Good Plan

Romans 8 ends with a glorious declaration that God’s good plan to save people through Jesus cannot be thwarted (Romans 8:30). But then, most of God’s Old Testament people rejected Jesus. So perhaps God’s plan could actually fail? Romans 9-11 explains their rejection of Jesus in terms of God’s sovereign purpose, humanity’s personal responsibility, and God’s wise and generous plan to save a people from all nations. In so doing, we see that God’s good plan really cannot be thwarted and will succeed.

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