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God speaks when his Word is proclaimed. When we sit under the preaching of God’s Word, we are not merely learning new information; we are encountering the living God. We usually work through books of the Bible systematically. Every week, we expound and apply a passage of the Bible to show Christ. 

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How Then Shall We Live?
Leviticus 26-27

Leviticus is all about how a holy God makes sinful people holy, so that they can dwell in relationship with him. It ends with a call to live out practically the implications of all that’s taught in this book. God’s people are to live in covenant relation with him, in humble contrition before him, and in heartfelt commitment to him.

How Then Shall We Live? - Tan Huai Tze
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Romans Gods Good Plan square.jpeg
Romans 9-11: God's Good Plan

Romans 8 ends with a glorious declaration that God’s good plan to save people through Jesus cannot be thwarted (Romans 8:30). But then, most of God’s Old Testament people rejected Jesus. So perhaps God’s plan could actually fail? Romans 9-11 explains their rejection of Jesus in terms of God’s sovereign purpose, humanity’s personal responsibility, and God’s wise and generous plan to save a people from all nations. In so doing, we see that God’s good plan really cannot be thwarted and will succeed.

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