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The King's Passion

John 18-21

22 May 2022
Serving the Risen Christ
John 21:15-25
by Joel Sim

In the concluding section of the Gospel according to John, we are given a description of what we need to serve the resurrected Christ. We need to adore, focus on and behold Christ. Even though John did not record everything which Jesus said and did in his Gospel account, yet he has given us enough to know the way of salvation and whom we should follow.

Serving the Risen Christ - Joel Sim
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The resurrection of Jesus Christ transformed the lives of Jesus’ followers against all odds. It gave them the assurance of salvation, the authority to carry out Jesus’ mission to the world, and calls them to action. The resurrection can do the same for us.

Resurrection and Mission - Tan Huai Tze
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In John 20:11-18, Mary Magdalene shows her devotion to Jesus, but also her lack of faith in his resurrection.  Jesus appears to Mary, and seeing her risen Saviour changes Mary’s life.

The Shepherd Calls - Aaron Akins
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15 May 2022
Mission and Provision
John 21:1-14
by Joseph Tern

In his third meeting with his disciples after his resurrection, Jesus shows his disciples what being on mission in the world will be like.  It will be challenging, but he will provide them all that they need.  Their greatest need is a deep and abiding communion with God through Jesus Christ.

Mission and Provision - Joseph Tern
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8 May 2022
Resurrection and Doubt
John 20:24-31
by Tan Huai Tze

Jesus shows great compassion to Thomas in his doubt: he is both truthful and kind at the same time. In so doing, Thomas is led to faith and the great confession that Jesus is, ‘My Lord, and my God.’ Jesus can do the same for us.

Resurrection and Doubt - Tan Huai Tze
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1 May 2022
Resurrection and Mission
John 20:19-23
by Tan Huai Tze
24 April 2022
The Shepherd Calls
John 20:11-18
by Aaron Akins
17 April 2022
The King's Rising
John 20:1-10
by Joel Sim

In John 20:1-10, we are given the good news of the resurrection. The fact of the empty tomb points to the reality of Jesus’ resurrection. However, the resurrection was not a mere, historical fact. The fact that Jesus Christ rose from the dead is life-changing, and it transforms those who would believe and embrace this truth personally.

The King's Rising - Joel Sim
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15 April 2022
The King's Dying
John 19:16b-42
by Tan Huai Tze

In the events leading up to his death and burial, Jesus reveals that God is love. He fulfills God’s plan to rescue and cleanse his people from sin. And, he redeems a people for himself.

The King's Dying - Tan Huai Tze
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10 April 2022
The King's Submission
John 19:8-16a
by Joel Sim

The final moments of Jesus' trial were filled with irony. Pilate thought that he was in control of the situation, but he was not. The Jews thought that they were truly God's people, but their profession said otherwise. Above all, Christ's silence proclaimed everything about His role as the Passover Lamb, whose blood will save those who trust in Him.

The King's Submission - Tan Huai Tze
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3 April 2022
The King's Suffering
John 19:1-7
by Tan Huai Tze

On his way to the cross, Jesus suffered great physical and emotional pain. He suffered for us, and with us, showing that God doesn’t just care about our pain; he shares our pain.

The King's Suffering - Tan Huai Tze
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27 March 2022
The King's Trial
John 18:33-40
by Tan Huai Tze

Jesus clarified the nature of his kingdom and his kingship before Pilate, the Roman governor. In so doing, he invites Pilate to embrace reality, an invitation that Pilate rejected. This invitation is open to all of us. How will we respond?

The King's Trial - Tan Huai Tze
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20 March 2022
Out of Control
John 18:28-32
by Joseph Tern

Jesus’s death by crucifixion fulfils His saying how He would die. Contrary to what Pilate and Jewish leaders might think, God is the One in ultimate control.

Out of Control - Joseph Tern
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13 March 2022
The King's Interrogation
John 18:12-27
by Tan Huai Tze

This is one of the saddest accounts in the Gospels: Jesus is interrogated, condemned and denied by one of his closest friends. Yet, through this denial, he is faithful and accomplishes God’s will to save a people for himself.

The King's Interrogation - Tan Huai Tze
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6 March 2022
The Passion of Christ in His Arrest 
John 18:1-11
by Joel Sim

The arrest of Jesus describes the painful steps that He began to take en route to the cross. His supremacy was put on display as He revealed Himself as the great "I AM", yet true safety is only possible for those who trust in Him. This safety was secured when Jesus submitted and drank the cup that was given to Him by the Father.

The Passion of Christ in His Arrest - Joel Sim
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