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God's Good Plan

Romans 9-11

10 December 2023
That’s Why We Praise Him
Romans 11:33-36

by Tan Huai Tze

Romans 1-11 culminates in this hymn of praise to God for his infinite wisdom and generosity. God is wiser and more generous than we can imagine. Resting in God, and taking his invitation to find ourselves in His story, we find our highest joy as we seek his greatest glory.

That’s Why We Praise Him - Tan Huai Tze
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3 December 2023
God's Promises Kept
Romans 11:25-32

by Joel Sim

This passage presents the climax of the apostle Paul's argument which he has been building for 3 chapters. The doors of salvation are still open to Israel, and it shows in God's pursuit of them. This reality is rooted in God's Word, which shows forth His character as a faithful God. In light of His undeserved mercy to both Jews and Gentiles, we are called to respond with gratitude to this very God.

God's Promises Kept - Joel Sim
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26 November 2023
The Overflowing Kindness of God
Romans 11:11-24

by Joel Sim

The stumbling of Israel was never intended to be total nor final. Rather, it was meant to facilitate the proclamation of the Gospel to the Gentiles. In turn, this would invoke jealousy within Israel so that they may desire the same salvation extended to the Gentiles. Salvation is by grace alone, whether for Jew or Gentile. Apart from reconciliation with God, salvation breaks down the wall of hostility between Jews and Gentiles.

The Overflowing Kindness of God - Joel Sim
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19 November 2023
The Remarkable Grace of God
Romans 11:1-10

by Joel Sim

God's remarkable grace is seen in His salvation of a chosen remnant within Israel. The apostle Paul himself, as a Jewish believer, is living proof that God is still working in Israel. The flip-side of God's grace is seen in His judgment towards those who reject the Gospel with hardened hearts. Those who have tasted and seen God's grace are called to depend on Christ and to not harden their hearts against it.

The Remarkable Grace of God - Joel Sim
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12 November 2023
Carrying the Good News
Romans 10:14-21

by Paul Lee

The gospel is the extraordinary message of God’s Son who came to live, die and rise again to save sinners. This news is spread through the ordinary means of ordinary people like us. The responses to this message can be surprising, with those we expect to respond not receiving it, and those we don’t expect to respond receiving it.

Carrying the Good News - Paul Lee
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5 November 2023
Getting Right with God
Romans 9:30-10:13

by Tan Huai Tze

Paul tells us another reason why most of God’s Old Testament people did not believe the gospel was because they sought to get right with God through obeying the law, doing good works and being zealous for God. None of these things can really get them (and us) right with God. Only faith in the person and work of Jesus will do that.

Getting Right with God - Tan Huai Tze
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29 October 2023
God's Great Mercy Displayed
Romans 9:24-29

by Chua Si Yang

In concluding his discussion of the issue of unbelieving Jews, Paul provides evidence from the Old Testament Prophets, Hosea and Isaiah, that the Word of God has not failed. Despite Israel deserving complete destruction, God preserved a remnant. Because mankind was undeserving of salvation to begin with, God's mercy to the elect only reveals the riches of His glory.

God's Great Mercy Displayed - Chua Si Yang
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22 October 2023
God's Inscrutable and Gracious Election
Romans 9:14-23

by Joel Sim

In this detour from his main argument, the apostle Paul seeks to address objections to the doctrine of God's unconditional election. Through this text, Paul demonstrates the mercy of God that is magnified through divine election. God's sovereign choice is also indicative of His authority as the Creator God, just as a potter relates to the clay at His disposal. In the demonstration of God's justice and mercy, the riches of His glory are revealed primarily to vessels of mercy so that they may be led to repentance, faith and worship of the almighty, sovereign God.

God's Inscrutable and Gracious Election - Joel Sim
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15 October 2023
Children of the Promise
Romans 9:6-13

by Tan Huai Tze

Paul shows that God is faithful to his promises to the Israel within Israel, the true Israel, the true children of God. We learn that the true children of God are spiritual, miraculous and chosen by God. Salvation is God's work from beginning to end, and this magnifies the graciousness of God's grace in Jesus Christ.

Children of the Promise - Tan Huai Tze
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8 October 2023
The Servant's Heart
Romans 9:1-5

by Tan Huai Tze

Paul begins explaining what happened to the Jewish people by showing us how deeply he feels for them. He is sincerely and deeply grieved that they do not have Christ, and yet is hopeful that they will have Christ because the gifts of God to them as a people are etched in their culture and history.

The Servant's Heart - Tan Huai Tze
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