Scandalous Christmas

Pregnant Virgin, Saviour Child

22 December 2019
Scandalous Christmas
Matthew 1: 18-25
by Tan Huai Tze

Sometimes we forget just how shocking and scandalous the first Christmas was: a pregnant virgin giving birth to a Saviour child? It's a scandal to the sceptic revealing the supernatural, a scandal to the saint revealing that we cannot save ourselves by our own good works, and a scandal to the seeker revealing that it is God who must seek us out. But this is the scandal that saves the world.

Scandalous Christmas - Tan Huai Tze
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15 December 2019
Waiting for Christmas
1 Samuel 1
by Tim Lim

Hannah is barren and longs to have a son. Her sadness and plight is a picture of a dark period of Israel's history.  More than just a child, Hannah and all Israel were longing for a King who could deliver them and lead them.  The fulfillment of Hannah's longings, was not ultimately the son that God gave her, Samuel.  It would be the son that God gives to all of us at Christmas, Jesus the true King who saves his people from their sins.

Waiting for Christmas - Tim Lim
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